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Focus on Leadership for Sales Success

We’ve been working for a number of customers on building a sales culture and here is what we’ve found. Transforming a marginally performing sales team into a well-oiled sales machine doesn't happen by accident.

Companies invest a lot of time and money into better products or more marketing, which doesn't hurt, but only further masks your true underlying sales problem. It's astounding how many companies know they need to increase sales, yet they spend over 90 percent of their training time teaching their sales people more product knowledge and almost no time teaching them how to actually sell.

In NZ and Australia, we seem to think that nice people who can talk to people can wake up every morning and know what to do without any investment in soft skill training or in articulating a key message or the sales process. Professional sales people need to spend time learning and refreshing their skills each year to ensure they are fit for purpose.

BUT the most important ingredient in building a successful sales culture is the leadership of the sales team. We now focus on building programmes to ensure the sales team we work with have the right leadership behaviours to support sales success. It’s the manager’s job to handle ambiguity and form a path forward. Creating structure allows employees to execute and trust their leadership. Setting milestones and communicating them across the team goes a long way to building success.

Talk to us today about building your sales success through the right culture and leadership.

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