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Do you need to get "a round tuit"?

I teach on getting the right things done all the time; but here I am at the end of April, reflecting on a couple of key activities that I was going to do in the first quarter, but haven't!

In our training we always talk about being a Gunna; gunna do this and gunna do that and how to overcome this.

I remember clearly growing up with a Round Tuit in our dining room. Today we often talk about intention not counting; it’s what you do that matters. The issue is we do often how good intentions; so, when we are coaching leaders we work with sifting through all the good intentions to focus on the things that make a difference and turn intention into action.

Here is the text that was on our Round Tuit:

Tuit's are hard to come by...

Especially round ones.

After years of searching I have finally managed to obtain a round Tuit.

No longer will I have to wait to do all those tasks I have put off.

So guard this one and

Never lose it.

Don't let anyone take it away from you.

Now that you have one,

There should be fantastic results.

I have heard people say,

"I'll get that job done just as soon as I can get around to it."

Thankfully, it is finally here!

And now that you have your very own round Tuit,

many things that have been needed to be done

should finally get done.

Have you ever said,

"I'll go visit a Friend

as soon as I get a round Tuit."


"I'll read my emails

when I get a round Tuit"?

These are all in the past.

Great new things will be in

store for you in the future.


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